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Upright posture, good posture

Maintaining the balance of the musculoskeletal system is just as important as cultivating regular oral hygiene. We no longer question the latter. What about proper posture at home and at work? For both employees and employers, it is essential to be aware of the correct posture on a daily basis and to understand its extraordinary impact on our well-being and productivity.

Neuroscience proves that upright posture is a very dynamic state of body and mind within us. It oscillates around balance all the time. Flexible uprightness requires awareness, observation, acceptance, and learning to change properly (skill).   Externally, uprightness is a neutral state and a starting point for assertive * action and connection with the surroundings. Are you ready for the better well-being of the entire team and even better work results?

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* Assertiveness means a way of behaving, thinking and communicating in which we clearly and decisively express our needs, emotions, desires and opinions on a verbal and physical level in a way that is respectful to both us and our interlocutor. Assertiveness also means the ability to choose and change one’s behavior. (source: Maja Koren Kocijančič)

Take 10 minutes/twice a day. Choose the exercise that best addresses you at that moment.

Listen to your body as it holds the answer to your every question. Give it back its health and care. This includes caring for upright posture.

At each exercise, give yourself:



Inhale & exhale


Directed movement



The program "Upright posture - good posture" includes the execution of 10 exercises to strengthen and raise awareness of psychophysical uprightness. Exercises are performed partly standing, partly sitting. They are suitable to be executed at the desk, partially sitting, partially standing. Although simple, these exercises need correct execution based on understanding and daily execution is crucial for their success.


Uprightness hygiene is necessary before any exercise. The theme of the program is the creation of  healthy holistic uprightness.

These are moments for observing oneself both physically (Where and what hurts? What is tense? ...) as well as emotionally (lack of enthusiasm, fatigue, distress, anger, anxiety, fear, shame,…). Body position determines the emotional response and mental state that affects body position. In the program, the individual observes, perceives, accepts and changes for the better on a daily basis. The program is  intended to release tension and strengthen the musculoskeletal system, will and good mood.

3.Time complexity

The timing of the introduction of the program in your company is as follows:

  • Presentation of the program for the whole team, with the execution of exercises (live) - 1h. After the informational meeting,you and the company decide whether you want to introduce the program and appoints the person to be the program administrator.
  • The company send the chosen employee to attend a 16 hour long program administrator training (see the school program for a more detailed description).
  • Exercises are introduced in person, at the work place, 20 min. per employee, every 14 days (in person).
  • After the introduction, the program administrator in the company takes care of the execution assistance and also addresses problems and questions to us; the time commitment is agreed upon in advance with the management.
  • After 4 months, follow up (in a group) 2 hours (in person or online)
  • After 9 months, an individual "follow up" ensues (20 minutes per employee, correct execution and the path to mindfulness –in person).
  • After 18 months, program evaluation and suggestions for adjustments – in a group/2 hours (in person or online).


The employee has access to exercise videos and has an application loaded on the workplace that detects the number of exercise openings (orientative tracking of the number of exercise repetitions). It also reminds him to perform daily. Of course, it is in the interest of all of us to identify where changes are needed, either in content or approach. I wish every individual could take 10 minutes during the working day and dedicate them to inner balancing and strengthening the joy of life and work.

5.Conditions for success

There are a million exercises online. Our exercises do not mean much if they are not backed by a living person who believes in them and is happy to introduce them, as well as a system: management and a health professional, who enable insistence on the introduction and thus the effectiveness of the program. psychophysical uprightness.   Let learning and performing exercises be a pleasure and a relief to your everyday life.


  • Program presentation: 90 min., 650€
  • Training for the program administator in the company: 16 hours (4 x 4), 200 €/person.
  • Individual introduction of exercises at the workplace 
  • Follow up:
    • By Saša Staparski Dobravec MD spec., 70 €/hour.
    • Another practitioner (physiotherapist) 65 €/hour.

VAT and travel expenses must be added to the prices.


How to participate?

Health and well-being are the best investment. An investment in future upright generations of people. They will be grateful to you.


Material for participants

Embark on a wonderful journey through exercises for a healthy, upright posture.