Saša Staparski Dobravec and team

The work of Saša Staparski Dobravec is based on the medical profession, but she is no less a creator with exceptional warmth and a big heart. In addition to being a radiology specialist, she is also a pedagogue, a choreographer, a dancer, the author of the content and organizational design of the program "Upright posture - good posture" and the head of the working group.

“Being a doctor and a creator means constantly maintaining a balance in lifestyle and work. This duality allows me to maintain creativity and maintains a critical distance to the content solutions of the various topics I address. A value I hold dear is nurturing the ability to respectfully observe and experience life and health in the broadest sense. "

Team includes physiotherapists:

Andreja Andrašič, dipl. fiziot.; Nina Geržina Kampjut, dipl. fiziot.; Pavlina Koprivec, dipl. fiziot. 

And assistants:

Kristina Kleč, Rebeka Dobravec, Eva Poteko


In May 2023 some of our coworkers attended Anatomy Trains in Motion course. Certificate of participation received: 

Saša Staparski Dobravec, dr. med.; Andreja Andrašič, dipl. fiziot.; Nina Geržina Kampjut, dipl. fiziot.; Pavlina Koprivec, dipl. fiziot. 

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1.Expert contributions

  • Saša Staparski Dobravec, Z. Kumše Gale, I. Makivic; Medical Journal; Can consultation between the radiologist and patients contribute to reducing unnecessary radiological examinations Vol. 89 No. 1-2 (2020): January, February. (The article correlates with the content of the Upright Posture program and is a professional starting point for the multidisciplinary and systemic development of individual contents of the Upright Posture program). Explanation:In 2012, at the Ljubljana Community Health Centre, we introduced a consultation with a radiologist before X-ray imaging of the spine or pelvis due to back pain in the population between 25 and 45 years of age.

    We found that raising the awareness of individuals that 85% of low back pain is of psychophysical origin is the result of forced postures and difficult experience of everyday living conditions (anxiety, overexertion, depression, burnout?) is of high importance.

    After appropriate professional evaluation, patients were offered to introduce 6 weeks of regular exercise, 2 times a day, 20 minutes before imaging. 65% of the patients who underwent the consultation refused X-rays and accepted regular exercise. From 2011 to 2018, the total number of referrals for X-rays decreased by 31%,the result is attributed to raising awareness of patients and referring physicians and raising awareness of a sense of personal responsibility for one's own psychophysical uprightness and health. This awareness and routine need to be transferred to the active adult population of teachers and school-age children.

  • Slapšak Alenka; Schmidt Majda; Staparski Dobravec Saša; Upright posture in primary school pupils Ljubljana Health Center pilot project [Upright posture at the primary school pupils - pilot project of the Community health center Ljubljana] Source: Nurses and midwives - key to the health system: a collection of peer-reviewed papers Ljubljana: Midwifery Care of Slovenia - Association of Professional Societies of Nurses, Midwives and Medical Technicians of Slovenia, National Center for Professional, Career and Personal Development of Nurses and Midwives, p. 532-542, 2017;

2.Upright posture program, good posture

  • Adaptation project of the deaf and speech-disabled project, Alliance of the Deaf and Deaf and speech-disabled, Web TV, 2020;
  • Update of program contents and supplementation of didactic e-contents of the program Upright posture, good posture, National Institite of public health 2019/2020;
  • The National Institite of public health introduces the content Upright Posture - Good Posture into the regular content program with a systematic review for Elementary school classes, 2016/2017
  • Management and implementation of the pilot program Upright posture, posture, with the introduction of regular exercise in four primary schools in the school year, 2016/2017

3.Active participation in conferences

  • International and professional conference CHILDREN IN MOVEMENT, Portorož, 7th-9th October 2019.
  • Medical Chamber of Slovenia, Club evening talk: "It's time for the uprightness of our children"; 3/13/2019
  • Active participation with a lecture and presentation of the results of the pilot program Upright Posture, Good Posture at the Congress of School Medicine and XI. Cvahtet Public Health Days, Portorož, October 2017.
  • Active participation with the implementation of two all-day SI for honey. Sisters of Good Posture, NIJZ, May 2017
  • Active participation with a lecture at the DAOYAH Health Festival Upright Posture, Good Posture, January 2017

4.Experience and active contributions in the field of communication, listening and assertiveness

  • Mediator in health care at the Medical Chamber of Slovenia since the establishment (2018) of the mediation office.
  • Head of the Community health centre Ljubljana's Mediation Centre from its establishment in 2015 to February 2018;
  • Active participation of SI for employees SUCCESSFUL COMMUNICATION, Training for nurses / health technicians, informants and secretaries, SIQ, CHCL, May
  • Conducting over 200 interviews and pre-mediation counselings with the aim of peacefully resolving disputes for both patients and medical staff of CHCL and beyond; open phone 24/7.

5.Direct pedagogical experience

  • Zoom Refresher Workshop for Program Administrators, January 2021.
  • Workshop for employees Upright Posture, Good Posture Program, Ministry of Health, Public Health Directorate, January and March
  • Program Upright posture, good posture, School for caregivers, Ministry of education, 2019/2020.
  • Workshop for Community health centre Ljubljana employees: for registered nurses and physiotherapists, June 2019.
  • 2018 - 2020 Training for employees in 15 primary schools
  • 2018/2019 Primary school principals working groups: "It's time for an upright posture", interdisciplinary networking and lectures, in the school year.
  • 2018/2019 program implementation in Alojzij Šuštar elementary school;
  • 2017/18 implementation of exercises in control group classes.
  • 2016/2017 implementation of UP in 4th grades of primary school - pilot program.

6.Beginning of pedagogical work

  • 1990-1994 Author's program of four-year dance education for children from 6 to 10 years at the Ledina Primary School; the program was aimed at children with subclinical orthopedic problems and was partially implemented in the High school of contemporary dancecurriculum.
  • Up until 1994:during her studies- leading children, youth and adult groups of expressive dance at Ballet Consevatory, Ljubljana.